澳门足彩app is deeply committed to a sustainable future for our clients and our communities.

澳门足彩app’s commitment to be a leader in environmental sustainability within the AEC industry goes back decades, continues today and will only expand into the future. We view our role in furthering sustainability in three dimensions:

  • Leading by example through continuous evaluation and improvement to make our operations more sustainable
  • Leading with service by assisting our clients in achieving their sustainability goals through innovative solutions to their facility needs
  • Leading through support with active participation in organizations that have an impact in creating more sustainable communities

At 澳门足彩app, We Create Things That Matter, and contributing to a more sustainable world is a significant part of that.

“Sustainability brings a level of complexity to projects… you’re trying to do it with the least amount of impact on the environment as you build it and as it operates over its lifetime.”

— Frank Mangin, Operations President, Design & Consulting

Sustainably Certified Projects and 150+ Designed/Constructed Sustainably
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Million Square Feet of LEED-certified Project Area valued at more than $2.4 Billion
States with Design-Build LEED-certified Projects
Countries with Design-Build LEED-certified Projects
Levels of LEED Certification: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum

Sustainability Services

Sustainability Services

We provide comprehensive sustainability assessments of your facilities, helping you understand where improvement opportunities exist to reduce energy, water use and carbon emissions, as well as improving indoor air quality, environmental efforts and infrastructure. These assessments are the catalyst for developing strategies for system upgrades, replacements, renovations, renewable energy and much more. Our team will work with you to plan, prioritize, and estimate costs on your path to a more cost-conscious, environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

Our teams of specialists provide modern, high-performance and full-range green infrastructure designs to solve urban flooding and mitigate impacts from climatic challenges and hazards. Our multi-disciplined specialists provide hybrid solutions, from engineered stormwater control designs to creating wildlife habitats for butterflies! We are dedicated to innovative and customized nature-based solutions combined with gray infrastructure for sustainable and resilient communities, biodiversity, and ecosystems. Our integrated and visionary approach engages in long-term partnerships by harnessing local support and incorporating social values, safety, and functional and cost-effective operability in our green infrastructure designs.

As the built environment is responsible for over 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally, 澳门足彩app takes its role in reducing both embodied carbon and operational carbon emissions as an important step to help mitigate the impacts of climate change. We utilize the latest technologies, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), lifecycle assessments (LCA) and product information databases to design and construct facilities with low- or zero-carbon footprints.

Efficiency is critical to the success of any company. When it comes to energy, our architects and engineers, through an integrative design process, create buildings that are highly energy efficient, reducing your utility bills while providing indoor environments that are healthy and comfortable. Through the careful consideration of siting, orientation and massing, the use of early-phase and detailed energy modeling and lifecycle cost analyses, and best practices in envelope and systems design, to the procurement, installation and commissioning from our construction teams, we will provide you with state-of-the-art projects that meet your budget while lowering your energy costs and more positively affecting the environment.

The impact of fossil fuels on global warming and climate change is significant. We have the power to change that. With our expert engineering and construction services, we specialize in transforming spaces with cutting-edge all-electric solutions. From LED lighting and air source heat pumps to smart grid technologies, electric vehicle charging and much more, we maximize efficiency, reduce costs and provide buildings that promote a more sustainable future.

We provide customized technical tools and designs for innovative, integrated, sustainable and resilient solutions for all water-use sectors. Our Sustainable Communities Water Infrastructure Program is catalyzed by Programmatic Water Planning to support each community’s unique needs and future growth. Our integrated approach considers climate variability, drought contingency planning and conservation incentives and regulations to support seasonal and long-term water planning for system resilience.

The Sustainable Facility Water Infrastructure Program helps find customized approaches to achieve their water stewardship goals through system analysis and water audits, recycling wastewater, effluent management, facility metering, leak detection and optimal facility sizing. Our comprehensive planning incorporates environmental permitting, regulatory compliance requirements and Best Management Practices, to deliver cost-effective and consolidated water management.

Source reduction is integral to sustainable waste management and environmental conservation efforts. Our teams will emphasize source reduction through the use of pre-manufactured or pre-engineered components, material efficiencies, process optimization, product reuse and recycled materials. Additionally, our construction teams will implement construction waste management plans to reduce waste to landfills. By considering local construction waste recycling facilities or other waste diversion opportunities, we can significantly reduce the impact of construction waste on our landfills.

澳门足彩app has a long history of incorporating renewable energy strategies in our projects, including installing photovoltaic systems, solar thermal, small-scale wind, geothermal, microgrids and more. Today, more than ever, renewable energy is vital to meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and reducing carbon emissions. Our teams will work with you to determine the optimal renewable energy sources for your project and provide designs that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and that allow you to showcase your dedication to sustainability.

澳门足彩app has designed and/or constructed over 125 sustainably certified projects and in excess of 150 more projects designed to meet a third-party certification standard. Whatever building standard you wish to pursue (or are mandated to pursue), our trained sustainability staff will work with you in an integrative approach to define the sustainability goals for your project and implement those goals through design and construction, providing you with a facility that successfully achieves the desired certification while meeting your needs and budget, reducing costs and providing a healthy and eco-friendly environment.

Examples of sustainability certifications received include USGBC’s LEED, Green Building Initiative’s Guiding Principles Compliance, Florida Green Building Coalition, and Energy Star.

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Sustainability Accreditation

澳门足彩app’s team of more than 100 Accredited Professionals and our sustainability-experienced design and construction personnel have a wealth of expertise to ensure that your sustainability goals are met and exceeded. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, tools and knowledge, our teams develop and implement efficient and cost-effective sustainable strategies to minimize a project’s environmental impact and meet your goals within budget.

澳门足彩app believes it is essential for the company to show its commitment to sustainability beyond its staff. 澳门足彩app is an active member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) the Green Building Initiative (GBI) and an Envision Qualified Company. Additionally, 澳门足彩app promotes sustainability in the community with annual Green Apple Day of Service projects, river cleanup and similar sustainability-related volunteer projects.

Our Sustainability Council

The Council promotes Sustainability as a guiding principle of 澳门足彩app. It is organized into three subcommittees – Educate, Engage and Evolve – and ensures that the entire 澳门足彩app community incorporates and advocates Sustainability in the way we conduct our business.

The mission of the Educate Subcommittee is to evaluate and provide materials for 澳门足彩app team members by maintaining a database of sustainable design ideas, providing tools and links to other sustainability programs and features, and providing links to training for sustainability programs. 

The Engage Subcommittee creates awareness of sustainability issues and sustainable practices among 澳门足彩app team members through a combination of communication, challenges and service events. It broadcasts sustainability best practices and initiates sustainable adjustments to operations within all offices and jobsite locations. Evolve is the Council’s “Think Tank” arm, exploring how environmental consciousness can be applied not only by professionals but also by individuals.

Evolve provides the setting where we discuss myriad topics of sustainability and environmental impact – in design and construction and beyond – and foster ideas and initiatives that can be tested or explored through Dysruptek, the Education or Engagement subcommittees.

  • Sujatha Das, Director of Operations, Risk & Controls, Project Operations Support
  • Martha Lluch, Design Manager, Private Facilities AE
  • Mark Schmidt, Specifications Writer, Healthcare Design
  • Peter Skirbst, VP of Integrated Design, Private Facilities AE
  • Jacob Thurlow, Director of Operations, Risk & Controls, Project Operations Support
  • Maria Jose Toro, Development Specialist, Learning, Development & Education
  • Tom Warner, Sustainability Manager, Government Design
  • Alan Wilson, VP, Chief Architect, AE Resource Development

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